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We develop, lease, and manage class A industrial and logistics spaces, creating innovative and flexible solutions at key locations to grow and reach your business goals. We are always focusing on meeting our clients’ needs.



We manage all aspects of a project such as market analysis, land acquisition, design, and construction management. Supported by our expertise, we maintain our institutional quality standards.



Construction management plays an essential role in our operational process. From budgeting to overseeing each phase of the project, we help our clients to manage cost and delivery of their construction.



We commercialize inventory industrial warehouses and Build-to-Suit projects at strategic locations with complete services, and class A infrastructure. Our expert team works side by side with each client to offer a solution that suits and meets their requirements, delivering an optimal space for its operation.



We take an active role to ensure a satisfying experience within our projects. We provide care for essential activities such as security, maintenance, common areas, monitoring payments of property tax, collection and leasing renewals. We offer services that contribute to the quality of life of our clients and their partners.

By having the complete management in our hands, we make sure to maintain the quality, image and functionality of our projects. We work to create long-term relationships based on trust, satisfaction, and well-being with everyone who is involved.



Mexico offers the potential and adequate infrastructure for reception, storage, transportation, and distribution of products throughout an extensive logistics platform. This includes 77 airports (64 of them are international), 102 seaports and 15 inland terminals, 27K km of railways and more than 400K km of roads.


The acceleration of online purchases during 2020, led to that 5 out of 10 companies in Mexico duplicated their sales through internet*. The e-commerce has demanded industrial spaces of “last-mile” that are efficient, with access to workforce, and with a location within the cities to have a quick response for the final consumer.

*Source: Asociación Mexicana de Venta Online.


Mexico ranks in 6th place in the production of vehicles and in 5th place as auto parts producer* in the world. With 20 assembly plants in Mexico, it brings a wide chain of providers of Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies.
The geographic location facilitates to import auto parts and export finished vehicles through ports and roads.

*Source: Industria Nacional de Autopartes.


Mexico is positioned in 12th place of the aerospace industry global ranking, during 2019 the exports reached $8.5 billion dollars. In the country, there are more than 400 aerospace manufacturers.

*Source: Femia


Mexico has a specialized electronics industry, mainly in the manufacturing of consumer electronic products and recently in the automotive industry, aerospace and medical devices. In 2018, the country ranked in 2nd place in export of screens and 3rd place in export of computers*.

*Source: ProMéxico