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Mexico offers the potential and adequate infrastructure for reception, storage, transportation, and distribution of products throughout an extensive logistics platform. This includes 77 airports (64 of them are international), 102 seaports and 15 inland terminals, 27K km of railways and more than 400K km of roads.


Mexico ranks as the second most profitable e-commerce market in Latin America, with estimated revenues of $48 billion USD in 2022.*. The e-commerce has demanded industrial spaces of “last-mile” that are efficient, with access to workforce, and with a location within the cities to have a quick response for the final consumer. *Source: Statista


Mexico is the 7th largest producer of light vehicles globally and the 1st in Latin America. It is also the 4th largest producer of freight vehicles, and in the production of automotive parts, it ranks 4th, being the primary supplier to the United States. With 20 assembly plants in Mexico, it brings an extensive supply chain of Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies. *Source: Industria Nacional de Autopartes 2022.


Mexico is positioned in 12th place of the aerospace industry global ranking. In the country, there are more than 370 companies in the sector, 79% are dedicated to maquila, 11% to engine repairs and construction and 10% to engineering and R&D operations. *Source: Femia


Mexico has a specialized electronics industry, mainly in the manufacturing of consumer electronic products and recently in the automotive industry, aerospace and medical devices. Mexico is the 8th largest electronics producer in the world. *Source: AMPIP